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Faces By Jennifer

Look As Young

As You Feel.

Reverse the effects of aging.



Plasma fibroblast is the most advanced non-invasive skin lifting and skin tightening procedure. Sip from the fountain of youth without surgery, injections, or anesthesia.

The non-surgical procedure is incredibly effective in wrinkle removal, eyelid tightening, and eyelid hood reduction. The plasma pen tool is able to treat, repair, lift, and rejuvenate many areas of the skin. It also improves skin tone, elasticity, and texture. It significantly tightens loose skin and reduces lines and wrinkles.

How Does Fibroblast Work?

Fibroblast is a revolutionary treatment and beauty game changer! Fibroblast skin tightening treatment is a non-invasive or non-surgical procedure where no scalpels or any surgical instruments are used. Fibroblast is basically an electric arc that is transmitted through a small probe.

This innovative technique cannot cause the so called "over-lifting" as it only affects excess/loose skin which returns to its "original state.” Usually, fibroblast is a one-session treatment. It depends on the state of the clients' skin and desired degree of correction. Each session is 8 weeks apart. 

Fibroblast is virtually pain-free. A numbing cream is applied to the area before treatment. The results from a fibroblast-skin tightening treatment are permanent and may be visible for years.

Fibroblast Prices



Summertime (Knees and Arms)


Upper Eyelids, Lower Eyelids, Crows Feet

$600 Each Section





Summertime (Knees and Arms)


Fibroblast Touch Up (8 Weeks Later)

$300 per Area

Lower Face



Glanbia Lines/Before Ear Wrinkles

$500 Each

Upper and Lower Lip/Nasiolabial Lines


Jaw Line/Mid Lift

$800  Each



Brow Lift


Fibroblast Packages

Eye Works

Upper and Eyelids/Crows Feet


Diva (Full Face)


Entire Face


Mouth (Full, Upper, and Bottom Lips)


Summertime (Knees and Arms)


Hyaluron Prices

Hyaluron Lips (1 Vile)


Touch Up (2 Weeks Later)


Radio Frequency Treatment

Helps Tighten & Lift the skin, as well as reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Heat is used to heat & stimulate sub-dermal collagen production! The technique induces tissue remodeling & production of new collagen & elastin. Procedure covers full face and neck with no down time great to do for tighter looking skin.

Radio Frequency is a series of 3 sessions done a week apart

3 Treatments RF Face and Neck


Teeth Whitening

There's nothing more radient and prosperous than a beaming white smile. Add this amazing treatment to any procedure and watch your teeth go upto 3 levels whiter in a single session. Whiten while you numb for Fibroblast or Lift your Lashes...Do alone or couple with Hyaluron lips!


 One Session


3-Session Package (Recommended)


BB Glow Treatment

This treatment offers more visible benefits than any other facial treatment. It provides immediate coverage and long-lasting beauty without over stimulating the skin. The results are visible wrinkle improvement, even skin tone, and glow all at the same time. 

BB glow can help reduce freckles and lighten the skin caused by acne and age spots. The semi-permanent BB cream with active ingredients is micro needled into the skin to give it a natural-looking foundation that lasts a long time. Three sessions a week apart are needed to get a 3-month long effect.

BB Glow Prices

BB Glow One Session


BB Glow 3-Session Package (Recommended)


LED Photo Facial

What is an LED Photofacial?

An LED photofacial is a very gentle light therapy treatment suitable for the face, neck, chest, back, or all of those areas. Many people who choose this type of photofacial are seeking an alternative to IPL that will provide them with a gentle, less expensive, more natural way to increase collagen, treat acne, and even out the complexion as a whole. This form of photofacial is found in many day spas and is also available in handheld devices that can be used at home, putting you in control of your treatments. An LED photofacial can:

increase collagen production

reduce the appearance of sun-induced freckles

shrink areas of hyperpigmentation

decrease the look of spider veins & broken capillaries

fade liver spots

pale age spots

diminish fine lines & wrinkles

ease sun damage

control acne and blemishes

Benefits of an LED Photofacial

no risk of burning or other unpleasant side effects

no appointments to make, keep or endure

no involved prep necessary before treatments

zero down time after treatments

one-time investment, you keep your lights

you’re in control – treatments are self-administered according to your needs and schedule

excellent value for your money since each light has many other healing and therapeutic uses for yourself and your family

How does an LED Photofacial Work?

Here’s how each of the different colors, or wavelengths of light, work to promote various different results in a photo facial.

Blue Light for Acne & Blemishes

mobile-portrait_415-handBlue Light Therapy – (405 nm to 420 nm) Blue light in this wavelength range has proven to have highly powerful bacteria fighting properties. Moreover, this light can kill P. acnes, one of the primary acne causing bacteria, meaning that it can be a very effective treatment for mild to moderate acne conditions. Blue light photofacials can also help to stabilize oil glands, ease inflammation, and purify the skin.

Learn more about blue light for acne treatment.

Green Light for Hyperpigmentation, Freckles & Age Spots

mobile-portrait_535-clampGreen Light Therapy – (495 nm – 570 nm) Green light is absorbed by the melanin producing cells of the skin, slowing melanin production, and gradually breaking up excess melanin collections which are then reabsorbed by the body. Green light is known to have a highly calming effect on the skin. It can also brighten the complexion by helping to lighten areas of hyperpigmentation, freckles and age spots. At the same time, green light photo facials can soothe the skin’s surface with its anti-inflammatory properties

Led Photo Facial Prices

Photo Facial One Session


 3-Session Package (Recommended) 

$750 save $90

Micro Needling Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT)

– $1200 Package of 3

This treatment uses small micro needles that puncture the skin down to the dermis to create a wound by pricking the skin. This causes collagen production and new skin tissue growth for smoother, firmer, and more toned skin overall. This treatment is also an amazing treatment for acne, various scars, and large pores.

Retinol Peel – $200

Retinol peel treatments maintain the general appearance and health of skin. They are particularly effective on acne prone skin and have great anti-aging benefits as retinol reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Retinol peels also helps with hyperpigmentation.

Dermaplanning– $175

Dermaplanning is a cosmetic procedure that removes the top layers of your skin and peach fuzz. The procedure aims to remove fine wrinkles and deep acne scarring, as well as make the skin's surface look smooth.This procedure doesn't require downtown for recovery . It is great in the aiding of the absorption of all your skin products as well as giving a flawless look when wearing makeup.

Lash Lift and Tint – $175

Lash lift has revolutionized old inadequate perming techniques. Using silicone pads instead of perm rods, this new technique can lift, straighten, curl, and lengthen your own natural lashes to create a brighter, fuller, wide-eyed look. No need for extensions and the associated aftercare—this will last you 5-7 weeks and can be combined with a tint so you won’t require a mascara.

Brow Lamination and Tint– $175

Brow Lamination relaxes the hair and allows them to be set them to be set in a new shape or direction. The brows stay uniform and straight for 6-8 weeks. Brows look fuller and uniform and tint allows for better shaping and depth no brow pencil or powder needed lasts 5 weeks